Ting-Kam Leonard Wong

Assistant Professor

Department of Statistical Sciences
University of Toronto
St George office: Hydro Building, Room 9114

Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
University of Toronto Scarborough
UTSC office: Instructional Centre, Room 345

E-mail: tkl.wong"at"utoronto.ca

About me

I am a tenure stream assistant professor at the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough and the Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto. I work mainly on probability and mathematical finance.

Before joining U of T in July 2018, I was a non-tenure track assistant professor in financial mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, University of Southern California. I received my PhD in Mathematics from University of Washington in 2016 under the supervison of Soumik Pal. I also completed an MPhil in Mathematics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong under the guidance of Ka Sing Lau.


Research interests:
Mathematical finance, probability, optimal transport, information geometry, and their applications.
Here are my arXiv and Google Scholar profiles.

My research is partially supported by NSERC Discovery Grant RGPIN-2019-04419.
In 2020 I received a Connaught New Researcher Award.

Current students: Steven Campbell (cosupervised by Yuchong Zhang)

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