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Nancy Reid

Officer of the Order of Canada
University Professor of Statistical Sciences
Canada Research Chair in Statistical Theory and Applications
Director, Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute

October 20, International Statistics Day: This just in! Sir David Cox wins the inaugural International Prize in Statistics! So proud to count him among my friends and collaborators.

Adjusted profile log-likelihood on the board! Just saying...

Grad Student Welcome 2016

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  Department of Statistical Sciences
email: "reid at utstat dot utoronto dot ca"   University of Toronto
phone: (416) 978-5046   100 St. George St.
fax: (416) 978-5133   Toronto, Ontario
office:  Sidney Smith 6002A   M5S 3G3, CANADA

September 2015: Wow! A day to remember!

June 2015: Honoured to receive D. Math Honoris Causa from the University of Waterloo. My convocation address

January 2015: Statistical Inference, Learning and Models in Big Data: January to June 2015

CANSSI partnered with Fields, CRM, PIMS and AARMS to present a thematic program on Big Data. Major funding was provided by the Fields Institute, with additional funding from CRM, PIMS, CANSSI and AARMS. Talks presented at the Fields Instiute are archived at FieldsLive.

April 2015: Volume 2 of Annual Review in Statistics and its Application has been published. Browse the web page to discover interesting and broad-ranging reviews.

May 2013: Ailie graduated from U of T, and we all went to Hawaii to celebrate.

December 2012: The Long Range Plan for Mathematics and Statistics
was launched in Montreal, at the Winter Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society.
One of its recommendations was support for the new Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute.

June 2012: Donelle graduated from high school, off to Dalhousie in September.

May 2012: Don was appointed Officer of the Order of Canada!