Hewitt Associates Scholarship in Actuarial Science

Award Conditions:   Year: 3rd
Financial need must be considered. Academic
performance in the course required for the specialist
program in Actuarial Science will also be considered. The
same student will receive the awards for two years,
providing he/she:
1) continues to demonstrate financial need and,
2) maintains an academic standing entering fourth year
which is consistent with his/her academic performance
when first awarded the scholarship.

Past Award Recipients:

1997-98 Sue Yin Kwan
Dillon Rodney Decoteau
1998-99 Vivian Wai Chung Yip
Sue Yin Kwan
1999-00 Angie Man
Vivian Wai Chung Yip
2000-01 Flora Chan
Angie Man
2001-02 Zhiliang Xu
Flora Chan
2002-03 Yiheng Li
Zhiliang Xu
2003-04 Yiheng Li
Patrick Chow
2004-05 Patrick Chow
Yana Shergina
2005-06 Rong Luo
Yana Shergina
2006-07 Ying Li
Rong Luo
2007-08 Xinyue Liao
Ying Li
2008-09 Zhao Liu
Xinyue Liao
2009-10 Qin Dang
Zhao Liu