Manulife Scholarship in Actuarial Science

Award Conditions:   Year: 3rd
To be awarded to an undergraduate student specializing in
actuarial science in the Department of Statistics on the
basis of academic merit, professional examination results
and demonstrated leadership through participation in
activities within the university or the community (e.g.
athletics, volunteering, part-time work, music). The award
will be renewable for one additional year, after the first
year, on the condition that the student maintains a 3.25
GPA in his/her third year of study.  The Department of
Statistics Awards Committee will meet to shortlist, and
decide on a recipient of the award.  In addition, short-listed
candidates will be sent to Manulife representatives for
review and priority ranking.  The Committee will make their
final decision after consideration of Manulife’s priority

Note: A student application must be submitted for this award.

Past Award Recipients:

2002-03 Kevin Hwee
Chung Yan Chan
2003-04 Chung Yan Chan
Matthew Nowak
2004-05 Matthew Nowak
Long Yee Christie Ko
2005-06 Long Yee Christie Ko
Daniela Takeva
2006-07 Ying Li
Daniela Takeva
2007-08 Chi Kin Adrian Wan
Ying Li
2008-09 Wenwen Gao
Chi Kin Adrian Wan
2009-10 Xin Qing Zou
Wenwen Gao