P.L.J. Ryall Scholarship

Award Conditions:   Year: 4th
An outstanding student who has completed the Specialist
Program in Actuarial Science with the highest Cumulative

Past Award Recipients:

1996-97 Nicholas William Kaschuk
1997-98 Valerio Valenti
1998-99 Onman Leung
1999-00 Daniel Klein
2000-01 Heather Sasaki
2001-02 Angie Man
2002-03 Flora Chan
2003-04 Kevin Hwee
2004-05 Chung Yan Marisa Chan
2005-06 Qian Jun Cora Lu
2006-07 Shiying Lin
2007-08 Wang Ngai Chan
2008-09 Jason Ricci
2009-10 Chengchen Li