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Selected Publications

Fan, S. C. P., Brown, P. and Stafford, J. E. (2010). Local-EM and the EMS algorithm. Technical Report.
Braun, J., Duchesne, T. and Stafford, J. E. (2005). Local likelihood density estimation for interval censored data. Canadian Journal of Statistics. 33, 39-60.
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Drekic, S. and Stafford, J. E. (2002). Symbolic computation of moments in priority queues. INFORMS Journal on Computing. 14, 261-77.
Drekic, S., Stafford, J. E. and Wilmott, G. (2003). Symbolic computation of recursive moments within the "Time to Ruin" context. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics. 34, 109-20.
Andrews, D. F. and Stafford, J.E. (2000). Symbolic Computation for Statistical Inference, Oxford University Press: Oxford.
Stafford, J. E. (1996). A robust adjustment of the profile likelihood, Annals of Statistics, 24, 336-52.
Stafford, J. E. and Andrews, D. F. (1993). A symbolic algorithm for studying adjustments to the profile likelihood. Biometrika, 80, 715-30.