SFDR (Stratified False Discovery Rate) Software


SFDR is a program to compute FDR q-values of genome-wide SNP association analysis within each stratum. Especialy the SFDR program is taylored to directly use genome-wide linkage scan results to assign strata. Weighted FDR q-values can be also computed as an alternative to SFDR. To understand the details of FDR, SFDR and WFDR control methods, see references at the bottom. Also, you can find a breif introduction of the methods in the the program manual document here.

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SFDR - Sun, L., Craiu, R.V., Paterson, A.D. & Bull, S.B. Stratified false discovery control for large-scale hypothesis testing with application to genome-wide association studies. Genet. Epidemiol. 30, 519-530 (2006)

WFDR - Roeder, K., Bacanu, S.A., Wasserman, L. & Devlin, B. Using linkage genome scans to improve power of association in genome scans.Am. J. Hum. Genet. 78, 243-252 (2006)

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Created Date: Nov 8, 2008
Last Updated Date: Nov 10, 2008