Chunyi Wang

(Bariloche, Argentina, January, 2012)

Ph.D. Student, Department of Statistics, University of Toronto. CV

Contact Information

Department of Statistics
University of Toronto
100 St. George Street, Room 6018
Toronto, ON Canada M5S 3G3

E-mail: chunyi at utstat dot utoronto dot ca


STA247 Fall 2010


Ph.D. Committee

  • Professor Radford Neal(Advisor), Radu Craiu, Jeff Rosenthal

    Research Interest:

  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Gaussian Process
  • Statistical Computation

  • Presentations

  • Gaussian Process Regression with Heteroscedasitic Residuals Student Presentations, Dept of Statistics, Univ of Toronto, March, 2012
  • MCMC Methods with Temporary Mapping and Caching Joint Statistical Meetings, Miami, August, 2011
  • Approximating the Likelihood for the Hyper-parameters in Gaussian Process Regression Student Presentations, Dept of Statistics, Univ of Toronto, November 2010
  • Courses

  • CSC2541 "Topics in Machine Learning: Bayesian Methods for Machine Learning" by R. Neal
  • STA2162 "Theory of Statistical Inference" by M. Evans
  • STA3000 "Advanced Theory of Statistics" by R. Neal and P. McDunnough
  • STA2111/2211 "Graudate Probability I & II" by B. Virag
  • STA3431 "Monte Carlo Methods" by J. Rosenthal
  • STA2006 "Applied Stochastic Processes" by J. Rosenthal
  • STA2542 "Linear Models" by K. Knight
  • STA2112/2212 "Mathematical Statistics I & II" by A. Feuerverger
  • STA2101/2201 "Applied Statistics I & II" by N. Reid and F. Yao
  • CHL5210 "Categorical Data Analysis" by P. Corey


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