Radu Craiu's Publications

(trainees are marked with §)

Non-Technical Publications

  1. My `sexy statistics' - take it or LV it (2018). IMS Bulletin, 47, No 8, pg 13. (pdf)

  2. Growing Pains and Gains in Statistics, the Toronto Way (2018). IMS Bulletin, 47, No 6, pg 11. (pdf)

  3. A Contribution to "Math in Seventeen Syllables: A Folder of Mathematical Haiku" (2018). Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, 8, pg. 450. (pdf)

  4. Review of Perfect Simulation by Mark Huber (2016). Journal of the American Statistical Association, 111, 1849-1850. (pdf)

  5. In Search of a Statistical Culture (2013). IMS Bulletin, 42, No 2, pg 7. (pdf)

  6. Idle Hands for Monte Carlo Residents (2011). ISBA Bulletin, 18, No 3, 16--19. (pdf)

  7. The Renaissance Statistician (2010). IMS Bulletin, 39, No 3, 10. (pdf)

  8. The Statistics Debutante's Dilemma (2009). IMS Bulletin, 38, No 3, 3--5. (pdf)

Technical Publications

  1. Brawn and Brains: a Robust and Powerful approach to X-inclusive Whole-genome Association Studies (2018). (with Bo Chen§ and Lei Sun) (arXiv)

  2. Data Distillery: Effective Dimension Estimation via Penalized Probabilistic PCA (2018). Submitted. (with Wei Q. Deng§) (arXiv). The R-package SPAC2 has been built to implement the paper's methods and is available here.

  3. Nonparametric imputation method for nonresponse in surveys (2018). Submitted. (with Caren Hasler§) (arXiv)

  4. Adaptive Component-wise Multiple-try Metropolis Sampling (2018+). Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, to appear. (with Jinyoung Yang§, Evgeny Levi§ and Jeffrey Rosenthal) ( pdf and Supplementary materials)

  5. Bayesian model averaging for the X-chromosome inactivation dilemma in genetic association study (2018). Biostatistics, to appear. (with Bo Chen§ and Lei Sun) (arXiv)

  6. Vine Copulas for Imputation of Monotone Non-Response (2018). International Statistical Review, 86, 488-511. (with Caren Hasler§ and Louis-Paul Rivest) ( pdf)

  7. Two-Phase Designs for Joint Quantitative-Trait-Dependent and Genotype-Dependent Sampling in Post-GWAS Regional Sequencing (2018). Genetic Epidemiology, 42, 104-116. (with Osvaldo Espin-Garcia§ and Shelley B. Bull) ( pdf)

  8. Gaussian Process Single Index Models for Conditional Copulas (2018). Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 122, 115-134. (with Evgeny Levi§) ( pdf)

  9. A scalable and efficient covariate selection criterion for mixed effects regression models with unknown random effects structure (2018). Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 117, 154-161. (with Thierry Duchesne) ( pdf)

  10. Likelihood Inflated Sampling Algorithm (2018). The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 46, No. 1, 147-175. (with Reihaneh Entezari§ and Jeffrey Rosenthal) (pdf)

  11. Discussion of: Efficient Metropolis-Hastings Proposal Mechanisms for Bayesian Regression Tree Models by Matthew Pratola (2016). Bayesian Analysis, 11, No. 3, 935-937. (with Reihaneh Entezari and Jeff Rosenthal) (pdf)

  12. Embarassingly Parallel Sequential Markov chain Monte Carlo for Large Sets of Time Series (2016). Statistics and Its Interface, 9, No. 4, 497-508 (in a special issue of SII dedicated to Statistical and Computational Theory and Methodology for Big Data). (with Roberto Casarin and Fabrizio Leisen) ( pdf)

  13. Parameter expanded algorithms for Bayesian latent variable modelling of Genetic Pleiotropy Data (2016). Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 25, 405--425. (with Lizhen Xu§, Lei Sun and Andrew Paterson) (pdf, supplemental material)

  14. Stability of Adversarial Markov chains, with an Application to Adaptive MCMC Algorithms (2015). Annals of Applied Probability, 25, 3592--3623. (with Lawrence Gray, Krzysztof Latuszynski, Neal Madras, Gareth O. Roberts and Jeffrey S. Rosenthal) (pdf)

  15. Additive Models for Conditional Copulas (2014). STAT - The ISI's Journal for the Rapid Dissemination of Statistics Research, 3, 300--312. (with Avideh Sabeti§ and Mian Wei§) (pdf)

  16. A Note on the Efficiencies of Sampling Strategies in Two-Stage Bayesian Regional Fine Mapping of a Quantitative Trait (2014). Genetic Epidemiology, 38, 599--609. (with Zhijian Chen§ and Shelley Bull). (pdf)

  17. Bayesian Methods in Fisher's Statistical Genetics World (2014). In Statistics in Action: A Canadian Outlook, Edited by J. Lawless. (with Lei Sun) (pdf )

  18. Minimum Description Length Principle for Linear Mixed Effects Models (2014). Statistica Sinica, 24, 1161--1178. (with Li Li§, Fang Yao and Jialin Zou). (pdf)

  19. Bayesian Computation via Markov chain Monte Carlo (2014). Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application , 1, 179--201. (with Jeffrey S. Rosenthal). (pdf)

  20. Using a Bayesian Latent Variable Approach to Detect Pleiotropy in the Genetic Analysis Workshop 18 Data (2014). BMC Proceedings, 8, S:77. (with Lizhen Xu§, Andriy Derkach, Andrew Paterson and Lei Sun). (pdf)

  21. Statistical Testing of Covariate Effects in Conditional Copula Models (2013). The Electronic Journal of Statistics, 7, 2822-2850. (with Elif Acar and Fang Yao). (pdf)

  22. Interacting Multiple Try Algorithms with Different Proposal Distributions (2013). Statistics and Computing, 23, No. 2, 185--200. (with Roberto Casarin and Fabrizio Leisen). (pdf)

  23. In Mixed Company: Bayesian Inference for Bivariate Conditional Copula Models with Discrete and Continuous Outcomes (2012). Journal of Multivariate Analysis , No. 110, 106--120 (in a special issue of JMVA dedicated to copula models). (with Avideh Sabeti§). (pdf)

  24. Two-phase Stratified Sampling Designs for Regional Sequencing (2012). Genetic Epidemiology, 36, No. 4, 320--332. (with Zhijian Chen§ and Shelley Bull). (pdf)

  25. Conditional logistic regression with longitudinal follow up and individual-level random coefficients: A stable and efficient two-step estimation method (2011). Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 20, No. 3, 767--784. (with Thierry Duchesne, Daniel Fortin and Sophie Baillargeon). (pdf). Supplementary material is available here. The R package TwoStepCLogit that implements the methods in the paper is available here.

  26. Dependence Calibration in Conditional Copulas: A Nonparametric Approach (2011). Biometrics, 67, No. 2, 445--453. (with Elif F. Acar§ and Fang Yao). (pdf) Supplementary material is available here.

  27. Tuning of Markov chain Monte Carlo Algorithms Using Copulas (2011). UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series A, 73, No. 1, 5--12. (pdf)

  28. Bayesian Methods to Overcome the Winner's Curse in Genetic Studies (2011). Annals of Applied Statistics, 5, No.1, 201--231. (with Lizhen Xu§ and Lei Sun). (pdf). Supplementary file is available here .

  29. Divide and Conquer: A Mixture-Based Approach to Regional Adaptation for MCMC (2011). Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 20, No. 1, 63--79. (with Yan Bai§ and Antonio F. Di Narzo§). (pdf) .

  30. Invited Discussion of: Predictive Comparison of Joint Longitudinal-Survival Modeling: A Case Study Illustrating Competing Approaches, by Timothy Hanson, Adam Branscum and Wesley Johnson (2011). Lifetime Data Analysis , 17, No. 1, 33--36. (pdf) (See also Original paper and Rejoinder)

  31. Perfection Within Reach: Exact MCMC Sampling (2011). In Handbook of Markov Chain Monte Carlo. Edited by Steve Brooks, Andrew Gelman, Galin Jones and Xiao-Li Meng. (with Xiao-Li Meng). (pdf)

  32. Nonparametric Covariate Adjustment for Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves (2010). The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 38, No. 1, 27-46. (with Fang Yao and Benjamin Reiser) ( pdf) Supplementary material for the paper is here.

  33. Learn From Thy Neighbor: Parallel-Chain and Regional Adaptive MCMC (2009). Journal of the American Statistical Association, 104, No. 488, 1454-1466. (with Jeffrey Rosenthal and Chao Yang§) (pdf)

  34. On the Choice of Parametric Families of Copulas (2008). Advances and Applications in Statistics , 10, No. 1, 25--40. (with Mariana Craiu)

  35. Choosing the lesser evil: trade-off between false discovery rate and non-discovery rate (2008). Statistica Sinica, 18, No. 3, 861--879. (with Lei Sun) (pdf)

  36. Generalized estimating equations and model selection for longitudinal conditional logistic regression (2008). Biometrical Journal, 50, No. 1, 97--109. (with Thierry Duchesne and Daniel Fortin) (pdf). Correction (pdf)

  37. Acceleration of the Multiple-try Metropolis Algorithm using Antithetic and Stratified sampling (2007). Statistics and Computing, 17, No. 2, 109--120. (with Christiane Lemieux) ( pdf)

  38. Stratified False Discovery Control for Large-scale Hypothesis Testing with Application to Genome-Wide Association Studies (2006). Genetic Epidemiology, 30, No. 6, 519--530. (with Lei Sun, Andrew Paterson and Shelley Bull) (pdf)

  39. Meeting Hausdorff in Monte Carlo: A Surprising Tour with the Antihype Fractal (2006). Statistica Sinica , 16, No. 1, 77--91. (with Xiao-Li Meng) (pdf)

  40. Inference for the dependent competing risks model with masked causes of failure (2006). Lifetime Data Analysis, 12, No. 1, 21--33. (with Benjamin Reiser) (pdf)

  41. Pattern generation using likelihood inference for cellular automata (2006). IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 15, No. 7, 1718--1727. (with Thomas C.M. Lee) (pdf)

  42. Model Selection for the Competing Risks Model With and Without Masking (2005). Technometrics, 47, No. 4, 457--467. (with Thomas C.M. Lee) (pdf)

  43. Multi-process parallel antithetic coupling for forward and backward Markov chain Monte Carlo (2005). Annals of Statistics, 33, No. 2, 661--697. (with Xiao-Li Meng) ( pdf )

  44. Using EM and Data Augmentation for the competing risks model (2004). In Applied Bayesian Modeling and Causal Inference from an Incomplete-Data Perspective. Edited by A. Gelman and X.L. Meng, Wiley. (with Thierry Duchesne) ( pdf)

  45. Inference based on the EM algorithm for the competing risks model with masked causes of failure (2004). Biometrika , 91, No. 3, 543--558. (with Thierry Duchesne) (pdf)

  46. Efficient bootstrap resampling (2001). UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series A, 3, 3--10. (pdf)

  47. Chance and Fractals (2001). Chance, 14, 47--52. (with Xiao-Li Meng) (pdf)

  48. Antithetic coupling for perfect sampling (2001). In Bayesian Methods with Applications to Science, Policy, and Official Statistics - Selected Papers from ISBA 2000. Edited by E. I. George. (with Xiao-Li Meng) (pdf)

  49. Bayesian reliability estimates in the exponential case. (1999) Romanian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics , XLIV, 353-359.

  50. Bayesian inference in doubly truncated Laplace distribution. (1996) Romanian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, XLI, 473-481.